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Music in Hospitals & Care

The Trust has funded Music in Hospitals & Care (MiHC) since 2006. The organisation delivers high quality music concerts in healthcare settings, working with professional musicians. Our support enabled MiHC to further develop their partnership with students and graduates from the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) and to engage them in the organisation’s therapeutic work.

Music in Hospitals and Care MSI Group tactobibration

Most recently, the Trust has supported two programmes. Firstly, at Lancasterian School, a community special school in Manchester, musicians from the RNCM have delivered a weekly programme of music for children who have multi sensory impairment – a dual sensory loss of vision and hearing – and other complex developmental needs. These live music sessions encourage exploration, increased concentration and have generated much happiness.

Secondly, the ICU Hear® project was delivered at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, providing weekly music on a critical care ward. The music helps to create a calm ambiance on the ward and humanises a highly clinical environment by allowing patients to experience therapeutic non-clinical intervention. Equally, through carefully chosen music, the programme can help reduce stress and anxiety for patients and their families and build a sense of shared experience between patients in neighbouring bed spaces.

Both programmes have received excellent feedback from those directly and indirectly affected. This work not only offers real outcomes (and joy) for people facing complex medical challenges, but has also provided opportunities for young musicians at the start of their careers. As a result of this grant support, MiHC have been able to provide a mentoring and development programme for the musicians: these RNCM graduates have developed their own skills and musical performance in healthcare settings, applying a variety of styles and repertoires as appropriate to the particular contexts in which they are needed.