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University of Manchester: CMML Research Group

University of Manchester researcher in CMML Group

Since 2016 the Trust has been supporting the University of Manchester to develop a Research Group to investigate the causes and characteristics of chronic  myelomonocytic leukaemia (CMML), a rare condition originating in stem cells. An under-researched myeloid malignancy, our long term support of this programme has enabled the team to attract a critical mass of researchers, who are now working on different elements of the disease’s molecular biology, with a view to developing new treatment targets for development towards clinical trials. The research is now of both national and international significance and collaborations with partners such as Bloodwise and the Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre extend its reach and impact.

Considerable funding and support has also been provided to the University’s medical facilities: Michael Oglesby was the founding Chair of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre (the research partnership with The University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK) and chaired the fundraising appeal on behalf of the MCRC partners. This building was in 2019 named ‘The Oglesby Cancer Research Building’ in recognition of Michael’s tireless support and dedication to the development of cancer research in Manchester.