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City of Trees tree planting

We are keen to respond to current challenges and opportunities. A recent review has concluded that for the five year period to 2024/25, we will primarily focus funds and other resources as below:

Mitigating climate change, including promoting biodiversity and regenerative farming;

Reducing food waste, food poverty and improving quality food distribution;

Community-based agriculture and horticulture;

Connecting people to nature.

We are signatories to the Funder Commitment on Climate Change.

Environment Giving: Oct 2019 - Sept 2020

£464,867 given in grants

10 grants given

8 organisations funded

£37,667 given in response to Covid-19

Examples of our support

We provide core and project funding, focusing on activities that help create an environment in which all communities have good access to green space; healthy, sustainable food, and to opportunities to get involved.