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The Trust makes grants ranging in size and scope from under £5,000 to over £1m across four funding priorities, primarily to organisations that are located and/or deliver charitable activity in the North of England. We value open and trusting relationships with grantholders, and aim to respond practically to their needs. Our grants include exploratory funding for testing new approaches; core and unrestricted funding; capital funding; and project funding. The majority of our grants are multi-year commitments as we understand that change takes time.

More detail on our approach and priorities can be found here.

Our Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2022/23 is here. A full list of grantees supported in that year is here.

Please follow this link for an overview of funding in 2022/23.

Please follow this link for an overview of funding in 2021/22.

There are some organisations and activities that we do not fund: more information on exclusions can be viewed here.

Funding Priorities

As outlined in our Purpose Framework, we support activity across four themes: arts, environment, health and social inequalities. Within these broad, often overlapping, areas, we prioritise work around key areas of interest which have significant, particular resonance for one or more of the Trustees; where we feel that we can add value – beyond the financial – to work; and where there is clear need for support.