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Funding Plus

What is Funding Plus?

Funding Plus describes a range of non-financial, optional resources that are available to OCT grant holders. These are intended to respond to observed or reported gaps in provision. To share resources from within our networks that may not be easily accessible to others. 

Funding Plus is not intended to replace or duplicate resources that are already available. We hope to complement the active role that organisations’ Trustee Boards should take in meeting organisations’ needs.

If you hold an active grant with us now then you may access Funding Plus resources. 

Our aspiration is that Funding Plus evolves in response to what grant holders need. We welcome our grant holders’ thoughts at any stage – whether it’s ideas for future support, or feedback on experiences so far.

Please contact the OCT team to discuss any of the below opportunities, access any of the benefits or to share any thoughts or ideas you may have to develop this programme.

What’s available through Funding Plus?

Educational Funding Area
  • Tailored expert advice, support or training to give the extra help to an individual or organisation at a difficult or opportune moment. 
  • Group Training, networking, or learning events to which we will invite our grant holders.
  • Introductions to other grant holders working in related areas.
  • Connections to other organisations we are involved with to help unlock additional funding, raise grant holders’ profile or widen networks.
  • Signposting to free online resources, advice, best practice and peer support networks.
  • Opportunity to advertise volunteer roles and opportunities, including recruitment of Trustees, through Bruntwood staff (approx 500) who have up to 3 days paid time to volunteer in their communities, and Bruntwood customers (approx 50,000).
  • Specific skilled based volunteering; working with Bruntwood and our other networks to provide support in areas such as; sustainability and capital projects.
  • Repurposed furniture: Bruntwood is coordinating the collection and redistribution of high quality, donated office furniture, such as desks and chairs, for grantees.
  • One complimentary hire of Bruntwood meeting rooms, with a further 25% discount on further bookings.
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