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Green Grants 2023/24 - Projects in Progress

Request: New solar panels to provide renewable energy
Who for: A volunteer-run horticultural group that supports people in the immigration system
Project detail: Solar panels for an outdoor kitchen roof. Through discussion, we agreed the project would be more impactful and deliverable if it included a fee for a member of the group to lead the project, and for the project to include an educational element, which would involve the participation of its members and act as a mechanism for ongoing engagement with visitors. As a result, the grant total increased significantly from the figure applied for, and has resulted in a much more meaningful result, and process, for all involved.
Project leader feedback: “It’s been a great and supportive process so far!”

Request: Professional advice on how to reduce CO2 emissions and associated costs
Who for: A live music and theatre venue
Project detail: The organisation wanted to work with industry specialists to develop a masterplan featuring the best use of current technology, and maximum energy efficiency. So far, it appears that implementation of the recommendations will result in significant savings across gas and electricity usage and emissions, with a potential of at least £77,000 in annual savings.
Project leader feedback: “This was a fantastic exercise which involved the CEO and several other staff. It has created a real understanding of the technologies out there and what is suitable (and not so suitable) for our organisation. This…gives us the information we need to move forward with clarity to potential funders. The turnaround has been very tight, but the whole process was very easy!”

Request: A contribution towards a rooftop garden, including a beekeeping and green space project.
Who for: A community health centre.
Project detail: Advice was provided regarding the proper maintenance of the garden, once installed. The project has been subject to delays and some tweaks, due to considerations relating to the venue itself and other funding partners, but the adapted plans have worked well in keeping community members engaged and avoiding too much lost time. The beekeeping aspect will be delivered later on.
Project leader feedback: “We found the application process very fluid and easy to understand. As a whole, this project will also significantly increase the number and type of volunteer opportunities our service can offer to local residents with gardening and beekeeping providing a unique opportunity for our service users to learn new skills.”